The Stories

Saul Leiter's color imagery is multi-layered and multi-faceted -
his paintings and photographs at times attaining an exuberantly kaleidoscopic presence.

The Ballad of Soames Bantry is a kaleidoscope,
Saul's life seen through the prism of his associates, colleagues and friends -
Philippe Laumont, Grace Coddington, Robert Benton, Alan Porter, Jane Livingston, Howard Greenberg,
Adam Harrison Levy, Tomas Leach, Anders Goldfarb, and Margit Erb.

"For twenty years the conversation went on: good-hearted, interesting, flowing freely this way and that. I became profoundly attracted and attuned to this man's quiet talent, his simplicity, his mirth, his benevolence, his tolerance, his sense of fairness, his aversion to dogma, his erudition..."

- Philippe Laumont

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