Year-end roundup, 2018

For more than twenty years, the critical responsibility of printing the offset lithographic reproductions for our books has been entrusted to the expertise of our colleagues at C.J. Graphics in Toronto. Mutual respect for craftsmanship has proven to be the durable core of our partnership.

And now our congratulations to C.J. Graphics. Their contribution to The Ballad of Soames Bantry received top honors with a "'Gold' in Book Printing" from the Canadian Printing Awards, and a "Best of Category: Excellence in Print" from the Ontario Printing and Imaging Association.

(pictured above: the plates for The Ballad of Soames Bantry in their cradles prepared for collating.)

November 12, 2018
Writer and broadcaster Nigel Beale is the mastermind behind The Biblio File, the internet repository for the hundreds of interviews he has conducted in an ongoing exploration of every facet of literature, books and publishing.

Nigel recently visited Lumiere Press to interview Michael Torosian for a Biblio File Podcast. Click to go to The Biblio File and listen.

September, 2018
Once again, Lumiere Press is the "go to" source for scholarship on the life and work of photographer Dave Heath (1931 - 2016).

Michael Torosian's interview with Heath from our 1988 Homage Series title, David Heath: Extempore has been reproduced in its entirety as the principal text of the new book Dialogues With Solitudes.

Issued as the catalogue for the first major European exhibition of Heath's work - presented at Le Bal in Paris - the book has the further distinction of being co-published by the gallery with STEIDL, the premiere trade photobook publisher.


September, 2018
Lumiere Press' award-winning livre d'artiste of Saul Leiter led off Vince Aletti's September 2018 book review column in photograph magazine.

Vince Aletti's assessment in brief: The Ballad of Soames Bantry "captures not only Leiter's voice but his maverick spirit," and is a "handsomely produced tribute" with an "unusually sensitive selection of Leiter's photographs and paintings". read the article


July, 2018
The Ballad of Soames Bantry has been awarded a FIRST PRIZE in book design from the Alcuin Society. The jurors' comments:

"It is impossible to resist picking up this book: the printing is gorgeous, it feels exquisite in the hand, and the material is exceptional. The type treatment, production quality, and overall design are perfect. Every part of this beautiful example of classical fine printing feels right."

April 7, 2018
Lumiere Press garnered a full page in the print edition of the Globe and Mail as arts reporter Brad Wheeler celebrated the debut of our newest book The Ballad of Soames Bantry and took the measure of our unique publishing model. Mariel Ashlinn Kelly provided a quartet of delightful illustrations (pictured above) to help explain the arcane process from A to Z. Go to article.

April, 2018
Lumiere Press is on YouTube. Our 2007 video on the making of a book is a concise introduction to the equipment, procedures and working environment of the press. The 7 1/2 minute film can be viewed by clicking the YouTube graphic above.


February 16, 2018
In 1988, Lumiere Press' Homage Series title, David Heath: Extempore, was launched at the Howard Greenberg Gallery, then located on Spring Street in the SoHo district of New York City. By the time of the memorable launch party, in 1997, for Gordon Parks: Harlem, the greatly expanded Greenberg Gallery had moved around the corner to Wooster Street. And in 2013, we launched Black Star at the Howard Greenberg Gallery's newest and most beautiful incarnation in the Fuller Building on East 57th Street.

This is all by way of saying that for 30 years we have enjoyed a friendship and professional affiliation which ultimately found its richest expression in a succession of books under the combined "Howard Greenberg Gallery + Lumiere Press" imprint.

Dave Heath: Korea, 2004; An American Gallery, 2007; Steichen: Eduard et Voulangis, 2011.

On the evening of Friday, February 16th, 2018, a wonderfully celebratory roll out at the gallery marked the debut of our latest
co-publication - Saul Leiter: The Ballad of Soames Bantry. For more information please view the prospectus by clicking here.

(above: Michael Torosian and Howard Greenberg. Photo credit: Simone)


November 2016
Veteran visual arts curator and fine press aficionado Tom Smart surveyed the thirty-year progress of Lumiere Press in an extensive article entitled, "The Aesthetics of Simplicity" for Amphora, the journal of the Alcuin Society.

In the essay, Smart tracked the genesis of the press while apprehending "the visual, the tactile, even the aural" qualities of the books. With particular attention to the editorial content, Smart declared: "Torosian has given us much more than a bibliography of titles comprising exemplary production values. From his mind and hand a new literary form has emerged." Go to article.

May 1, 1986 - May 1, 2016
In the early evening of May 1st 1986, Lumiere Press was born. The debut of Edward Weston: Dedicated to Simplicity marked the beginning of the Lumiere Press photography publishing program. The launch, at the Rivoli restaurant in Toronto, was packed with well-wishers. The mood was buoyant - the experience transformative.

Devotion to fine craft mixed with intellectual inquiry has defined a thirty-year journey of reward beyond all expectation. We are now in the midst of our latest project - a limited-edition book on the work of esteemed American photographer Saul Leiter, cast in lead type, hand printed and hand bound. The tradition in the workshop continues. Anniversary page.

February 17, 2016
Michael Torosian delivered the eighth annual Johanna and Leon Katz Memorial Lecture at the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library, University of Toronto. Entitled, "Photography and Fine Printing: The History of Lumiere Press", Torosian related his personal thirty-year journey in publishing during which he examined the photographic book as "the medium of photography" and "a work of art in its own right."

Anne Dondertman, Director of the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library, took the occasion to announce that the library will be mounting a major retrospective exhibition devoted to Michael Torosian and Lumiere Press in the autumn of 2019. She noted, "The exhibition will be a prominent and significant means of commemorating the acquisition, by the Fisher Library, of the Lumiere Press Archives. The exhibition will be accompanied by a full-scale illustrated catalogue."

October 2015
Shawn Micallef, the Toronto Star's roving urban reporter, devoted his October 17, 2015 column to Lumiere Press - a layman's "through the looking glass" interpretation of the fine bookmaking process. Bernard Weill's fisheye lens captured a good overview of the shop. Go to article.


September 2015
Over the past thirty years, Michael Torosian's writings have extended beyond the publishing program of Lumiere Press. His latest contribution to the literature of photography is now available in a new book distributed by Yale University Press.

On the evening of September 18th, the Philadelphia Museum of Art hosted the opening of Multitude, Solitude: The Photographs of Dave Heath, a major retrospective exhibition organized by the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art. The event also marked the launch of the accompanying 324-page catalogue by the exhibition's curator Keith F. Davis with an essay by Michael Torosian. Davis provided a detailed biography, while Torosian focused on the methodology and evocation of Heath's printmaking - an unprecedented examination of a critical aspect of the photographer's creative expression.

Lumiere Press has long been recognized for its scholarship on Heath through our books Extempore (1988), Korea (2004), and most notably A Dialogue With Solitude (2000), which has been reproduced in its entirety in the Nelson-Atkins catalogue.

(pictured above: Michael Torosian at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, photograph courtesy of the PMA.)

July 2015
Michael Torosian has been awarded a Fine Craft, Visual Arts Grant from the Canada Council for the Arts for research and experimentation at Lumiere Press in the areas of typecasting, presswork and bookbinding. The vocation of fine press publishing is one of ongoing refinement and innovation and the Canada Council is gratefully acknowledged for their support. Torosian CV

January 2015
In addition to the presence of Lumiere Press titles in numerous public institutions, the artistic photography of press founder Michael Torosian is also represented in such distinguished collections as the National Gallery of Canada, Museum London and The Division of Art, Prints and Photographs at New York Public Library.

Adding to these credentials, a selection of Torosian's work has recently been acquired by the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City, recognized as one of the preeminent museums in the world of photography.

Of particular note is their acquisition of a book maquette of forty-one gelatin-silver prints from the 1970s entitled SANCTUARY - created at the invitation of a publisher for a project that was never realized. Anticipating Torosian's future bookwork, the maquette predates the establishment of Lumiere Press by ten years.

A selection of images from the maquette may be viewed here.

For information on purchasing vintage prints from this body of work contact the press or the Stephen Bulger Gallery.

January 2015
Epilogue: The Future of Print, a skillfully-crafted short documentary by Hanah Ryu Chung, provides the occasion for a handful of "book" people to rhapsodize over the tactile and spiritual pleasures of the printed object in an increasingly digital world. From Lumiere Press, Michael Torosian's contemplations are intermittently woven into this endearing film available for viewing on Vimeo.


May 2014
Black Star has been selected as a finalist in the PhotoEspaña "Best Photobook of the Year" competition and will be on display in an exhibition at the palatial Biblioteca Nacional de España in Madrid. The mandate of the jury was to seek out books in which "the sequence of images, graphic design, format and materials used ... turn the book into a work of art."


May 2014
Black Star has been awarded First Prize in Limited Edition Books by the Alcuin Society Awards for Excellence in Book Design in Canada. The jurors' comments: "Purposeful, technically excellent composition pushed this book to the fore. The cover and the size, placement, and pacing of the images are very good and made even better by strong production values, exemplified by the beautiful paper and binding." Black Star will join the other winners in a touring exhibition with venues in Germany, Japan and Canada.

January 2014
In celebration of their 600th anniversary, St. Andrews University in Scotland has issued a multi-volume publication surveying the treasures of their library. Volume Six, devoted to the arts, reproduces triumphs of illustrated bookmaking such as Pigot's 1866 The Life of Man, and Talbot's 1844 The Pencil of Nature. We are honored to have Lumiere Press included in this commemorative set, all the more impressive for its format. Open, the folio measures a grand 16 x 24 inches.


January 2014
Michael Torosian has been awarded a Chalmers Arts Fellowship from the Ontario Arts Council - the second of his career and an accolade which coincides with the 40th anniversary of his first one-man exhibition, presented at the National Film Board Gallery in Ottawa. Over the past four decades this commitment to photography has been broadened through art historical research, writing, and limited-edition publishing, all of which are generously supported within the enlightened scope of this Fellowship.



January 2014
Michael Torosian has been awarded a Ryerson Image Centre Research Fellowship, which was granted to further his unprecedented work on the history of the founders of the legendary Black Star photography agency. Torosian CV.

January 2014
Journalist Chantal Braganza toured Lumiere Press and profiled Michael Torosian for the Winter issue of the Ryerson University Magazine. The theme was "Crafting It Old School" with a charming fixation on the improbable, unorthodox antiquity of the successful publishing enterprise. A banner of photographs gave a 360 snapshot of the panorama from molten lead to finished book.

January 2014
Lumiere Press has hit the milestone century-and-a-half mark. With recent acquisitions by such illustrious institutions as the Huntington Library, The Nelson-Atkins Museum, and the Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library at Yale University, we now have books in more than 150 public collections around the world. go to list

One particular pocket of prestige is the Lumiere Press Ephemera Collection at St. Andrews University. According to the Library blog, Echoes From the Vault, post-graduate student Ian Lumsden (see picture above) was recently assigned the responsibility of cataloguing the comprehensive collection of announcements, invitations and prospectuses from a quarter century of press events and publications.


November 2013
Michael Torosian received the full hi-def treatment for the cover of Design Edge magazine, the new, re-conceived incarnation of the award-winning graphic arts journal. Editor Doug Picklyk prefaced his six-page feature article on Lumiere Press with the banner - "Handmade and Typographically Divine Bookmaking" - five words that perfectly sum up the artisan's aspirations.
go to article

Our bibliography also increased by one more citation with the publication of For the Love of Letterpress, a new book from Bloomsbury that reproduced, in their chapter on typography, the minimalist title-page spread from our 2004 title Korea.


August 2013
Sean Samuels, book dealer, photographer and co-founder of the United Nations of Photography, interviewed Michael Torosian for the online journal THE KLEIG LIGHT. A rare foray outside traditional print arts journalism yields a concise and insightful exchange. View.

Summer 2013
Eduard et Voulangis, one of the honored gems of the Lumiere Press collection, was the subject of an illustrated double-page layout in Art & Antiques Magazine, marking the debut of the press in this fine publication whose high production values brought us to a coveted audience. Editor John Dorfman, writing of Steichen's "bold formalist experiments" called the book a "meticulous work worthy of Steichen himself". View article.

... ...

July 15, 2013
"Black Star Shines Anew", the title of Marvin Heiferman's New York Times Lens article, is a celestial allusion to the preservation of the Black Star Collection at the new Ryerson Image Centre and a sparkling compliment to our newest book. The Times presented a portfolio of almost half the images from Black Star and Heiferman rounded out his examination of the genre and the era by saying of the book - "In it, in addition to learning about Black Star's history, is a reminder of the power and legacy that photographs embody as three-dimensional and material objects." Go to article.


June 20, 2013
The New York launch of our newest book, Black Star, was hosted by the Howard Greenberg Gallery at their exquisite space in the landmark Fuller Building at 57th and Madison. The beautifully designed invitation, the impeccable display of books, and the adroit orchestration of the evening, were a collective testament to the talents of the gallery's ace staff. To add to the momentousness of the occasion, the guests included members of the Safranski family and the Kornfeld family, descendents of the Black Star agency's founders.

Joining the publisher in an exuberant photo-op above are artist Ray Charles White (left) and Lumiere Press journeyman emeritus Alan Phoenix (middle).

May 2013
On May 8th a dual event took place at the new Ryerson Image Centre in Toronto - the launch of our newest title, Black Star, and the opening of the retrospective exhibition Lead and Light: The Evolution of Lumiere Press. Curated by the graduating class of the Photographic Preservation and Collections Management MA program, the show elegantly presented a comprehensive survey of our twenty-six years of limited-edition publishing. A discerning selection of original photographs provided thematic ambiance and a detailed presentation of artifacts from the making of Steichen: Eduard et Voulangis, provided a glimpse into the process of bookmaking creativity. The exhibition was accompanied by a catalogue. Read catalogue. Download pdf.

A portfolio of photographs by graduate student Marcos Armstrong documenting the installation can be viewed here.

May 2013
The UK edition of Parenthesis: The Journal of the Fine Press Book Association, presented a feature profile on Lumiere Press in their Spring 2013 issue. The erudite essay was written by Kristen Adlhoch, a PhD candidate in the history of photography at the University of St. Andrews, Scotland. With her extensive knowledge and refined sensibility of the genre, Ms. Adlhoch interwove the story of the photographic book with the specific development and aesthetic of Lumiere Press, resulting in a scholarly and gratifying examination of the accomplishments of the press. Additionally, the article served as a celebration of the acquisition of a complete set of Lumiere Press books by the University of St. Andrews. Read essay. Download pdf.

April 25, 2013
Over the years we've monitored auction results and secondary market sales and charted the steady escalation in value of Lumiere Press titles. The Siskind and Sommer volumes bubbled at $1,000 - an appreciation of more than five hundred percent above price of issuance - beating the Dow Jones Industrials and the Nikkei by a wide margin.

A new high water mark was recently toyed with. The spring "Livres de Photographies" sale at the Ader Auction house in Paris listed among its offerings a copy of the variant edition, with print, of our 2004 title Dave Heath: Korea. The estimate was 4,000 to 6,000 euros or approximately 5,200 to 7,800 US dollars. On auction day the bidding climbed to 3,200 euros (4,200 USD) but failed to make the seller's reserve. Sale or not, it was a particularly interesting barometer of collector interest.

Spring 2012
The Alcuin Society, the laudable organization devoted to fine books, has awarded Eduard et Voulangis a First Prize in the category of Limited Editions in their 30th Annual Awards for Excellence in Book Design in Canada. The winning titles will be exhibited in venues across the country as well as in Germany and Japan. Visit the Alcuin site for more information.


March 2012
The elegant design and high production values of International Architecture & Design magazine proved an exceptional setting for what is undoubtedly the most profusely illustrated article ever to be published on Lumiere Press. Using Eduard et Voulangis as the centerpiece, graphic designer Jacques Pilon developed a portfolio exploring the books, the environment and the tools of the shop. The six-page spread (view here) possessed the autonomy and coherence of a completely self-contained insert in the magazine. Editor Carolyn Kennedy contributed the animating text. Download pdf.

February 22, 2012
"Artrend" reporter Axnel Grove spiritedly reviewed Eduard et Voulangis for the Spanish online edition of the European daily newspaper 20minutes. Accompanied by a "Fotogaleria" of selected pictures from the book, this was Lumiere Press' first mainstream European exposure. We were delighted with Grove's declaration, "Un nuevo libro iluminará una de las épocas oscuras de la historia del arte contemporáneo."


February 15, 2012
LENS, the photographic heart and visual hub of The New York Times, presented a ten-image slide show of Steichen's work from Eduard et Voulangis. Jim Estrin, veteran photojournalist and the editor of LENS, contributed the accompanying article in which he deemed the book "an important contribution to Steichen's legacy." Go to article.


December 14, 2011
Steichen: Eduard et Voulangis was given an exceptional showcase in the December 14th issue of The Globe and Mail, whose "Arts" section was dominated by large format reproductions of key images from the book. With journalistic élan, arts reporter James Adams synthesized Steichen's aesthetic journey from pictorialism to modernism in tandem with the book's journey from newly discovered images to bookmaking "masterpiece". Go to article.

December 9, 2011
Steichen: Eduard et Voulangis was launched at the gallery of our co-publisher and long-time collaborator, the Howard Greenberg Gallery in New York. The capstone of the evening was the attendance of Eduard's granddaughter, Francesca Calderone-Steichen, whose introductory remarks were a gracious mixture of heartfelt reflections on the presence of Voulangis in the Steichen family's life and the significance of the book in the Steichen literature. (pictured above: Michael Torosian and Francesca Calderone-Steichen.)


December 2011
In a terrific alignment of lead time synchronicity, Canadian Art Magazine hit the stands on the eve of the launch of Eduard et Voulangis at the Howard Greenberg Gallery in New York. In a full-page profile, Editor Richard Rhodes succinctly established the milieu of the period and related the book's genesis. Rhodes found the writing "impressive", the reproductions "scrumptious" and the book "a delight to hold" - a Canadian Art trifecta. Go to article.

Silver Jubilee 2011
We are pleased to announce that a complete set of Lumiere Press books - from our inaugural Edward Weston publication of 1986 to our newest title on Eduard Steichen - has been acquired by The Department of Special Collections at St. Andrews University in Scotland. The 600 year old institution - the "third oldest university in the English-speaking world" - is home to a collection of more than 700,000 photographs, described as an "unsurpassed primary source in the early history of photography". In a wonderful temporal alignment, this acquisition marks the 25th Anniversary of the press, making our new presence in this prestigious collection all the more celebratory. (Pictured above: King James Library.)

May 2011
It is an ongoing source of gratification that so many curators, critics, art historians and cultural reporters have found in the publications of Lumiere Press a rich repository for their research. Over the years inquiries have come in from locales as disparate as Qatar and Montreal, Arizona and Italy, and extracts from our books have appeared in the popular media, as well as in books from publishers such as Steidl and the University of Toronto Press. The recently published exhibition catalogue, The Hidden Presence of Places (Farnsworth Art Museum, Rockland, Maine) is the most recent example, in which extensive passages from our 2008 title, Paul Caponigro: On Prior Lane: A Firefly's Light, are embedded in a constructed soliloquy, further disseminating our work.

July 2, 2010
The Future of the Book and its potential transmogrification into a dominantly digital and "E-Ink" medium has become a hot topic not only in technological and merchandizing orbits but also in the realm of social anthropology. Globe and Mail arts journalist James Adams examines the book as object in an article entitled, "The Future of Books: The Collectible Future". In this piece, the work of Lumiere Press is spotlighted as an example of book making that is irreducible and therefore highly sought and escalating in value. As Adams characterizes it, "Lumiere's reputation is such that its titles have become 'must-gets' for many institutions and art connoisseurs." Read article here.

May 2010
Paul Caponigro: On Prior Lane: A Firefly's Light, has been selected as one of the "50 Books of the Year" by The American Institute of Graphic Arts. Founded in 1914 by luminaries in the world of design, the AIGA established the "50 Books" competition in 1941. This venerable award has become the acme of graphic design excellence. The winning books will be exhibited at the AIGA National Design Center in New York followed by a tour which will include venues throughout the United States as well as China.

January 2010
Michael Torosian has been awarded a Chalmers Arts Fellowship. As characterized by the Ontario Arts Council, the cultural agency entrusted with administering the award, the aim of the Fellowship is "to provide such support at moments in artists’ careers when a concentration on personal and/or artistic growth or renewal and exploration is most likely to have the greatest impact on their long-term artistic and career development." Michael Torosian's CV can be viewed here.

December 18, 2009
LENS: Photography, Video and Visual Journalism, a unique component of the online edition of The New York Times, ingeniously exploits the site’s capability of presenting more image content than was ever feasible in the print edition of the paper. A case in point – a feature article on Lumiere Press and Paul Caponigro: On Prior Lane: A Firefly’s Light. Almost all the pictures from the book were reproduced in a high-resolution slide show. And an additional 3 pictures were interwoven into journalist Niko Koppel’s story about the evolution of Lumiere Press and the affinity between fine press aesthetics and Caponigro’s work. Thanks to the conjoining of global media, the article also appears in the online edition of The International Herald Tribune with a lead-in declaring, “the book, like the photographs, is a work of art.” Go to article.

October 2009
Parenthesis, The Journal of the Fine Press Book Association, presented a Lumiere Press double-header in their Autumn 2009 issue with articles on both An American Gallery and Paul Caponigro: On Prior Lane: A Firefly's Light. Reviewer David Evans examined An American Gallery in the context of Modernism, printmaking and the digital age as he delineated Howard Greenberg's aesthetic journey and the book's celebration of photography. In Evans' summation, "Lyle Rexer's biographical essay is concise and captivating ... the reproductions of the images are spectacular ... the design is sumptuous ... the whole thing is deliciously entertaining." Read David Evans review. The second contribution to the issue was Michael Torosian's chronicle of the design of the Caponigro book, a synthesis of the casebook of a specific project integrated into a meditation on the revelations of 25 years of artistic preoccupation. Read the essay.

June 29, 2009
The Alcuin Society hosted their annual Book Design Awards Dinner at the Arts and Letters Club, a Victorian/Gothic wonderment in downtown Toronto, with Randall Speller as emcee and Martin Levin as the awards presenter. Keynote speaker of the evening was Michael Torosian. The subject of the talk was ostensibly the design of Paul Caponigro: On Prior Lane: A Firefly's Light, with excursions into fine press methodology and Lumiere Press lore. The capacity audience was buoyant and receptive. Everyone also had the opportunity to examine the award winning titles which had been artfully displayed for the event. Video of Michael Torosian's talk can be viewed here.

April 15, 2009
The narrative of Lumiere Press and the making of limited-edition books was the subject of a lecture by Michael Torosian at The Photographic Historical Society of Canada. The photo above, courtesy of PHSC member Steve Horan, depicts apres-lecture conversation and viewing of the new award-winning Paul Caponigro book On Prior Lane: A Firefly's Light.

March 24, 2009
An impromptu launch of our newest title, Paul Caponigro: On Prior Lane: A Firefly's Light, took place at the Park Avenue Armory in New York. The Andrew Smith Gallery of Santa Fe, New Mexico, debuted the book at the annual AIPAD Photography Show with Paul Caponigro in attendance, surrounded by an installation devoted exclusively to his work.

August 2008
Lumiere Press has been honoured with a Certificate of Excellence from The Printing Industries of America for An American Gallery. The award was shared with C.J. Graphics, Printers and Lithographers, who executed the superlative five-colour stochastic offset work on the book. With over "four-thousand entries", the PIA characterized the 59th Annual Premier Print Awards as "the world's largest and most prestigious graphic arts competition."

June, 2008
The 26th Annual Alcuin Society Awards for Excellence in Book Design were announced, honouring An American Gallery with a Citation in the Limited Edition category. Gratifyingly, the jurors found the book "masterfully designed" and noted the "high level of craftsmanship."

May 17, 2008
Simon Houpt, New York arts and entertainment correspondent for the Globe and Mail, took time out from his perch on mass culture to interview Michael Torosian about An American Gallery, the esoteric world of fine printing and life in the obsessive compulsive lane of hand book making. read article

March 2008
The Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art at the State University of New York at New Paltz hosts the exhibition An American Gallery, a reconstitution of the Greenberg Gallery Anniversary show including the Lumiere Press installation. The exhibition runs March 28 to June 22.

February 2008
The genesis and conceptualization of An American Gallery is explored in an inverview with Michael Torosian in Amphora, the journal of the Alcuin Society. Renowned for their advancement of the book arts, the Alcuin Society is host to an annual design competition which has honoured a number of Lumiere Press titles. read interview

November 2007
Lumiere Press was shuttered for the annual trip to Paris. The city was as intoxicating as always with one of the highlights being Paris Photo at the Carrousel du Louvre. The Howard Greenberg Gallery was an exhibitor and had An American Gallery on display for the delectation of the throng that coursed through the fair.

September 20, 2007
After a year and a half of work, Lumiere Press' most ambitious project to date debuted in New York City. An American Gallery was launched amid the exuberant celebration of the 25th Anniversary of the Howard Greenberg Gallery. The commemorative exhibition presented the prints from the book accompanied by Greenberg's commentaries and Michael Torosian's introduction. An installation entitled Lumiere Press: The Making of the Book, showcased the book and the production in a short video. Befitting the regard with which Howard is held, the gallery was packed. Vince Aletti, writing in The New Yorker called it "an engrossing show - a self-portrait of a dedicated aesthete."

September 16, 2006
Canadian Art Magazine sponsored their 11th Annual Gallery Hop with lectures across the city of Toronto. Michael Torosian spoke at the Stephen Bulger Gallery on the work of Dave Heath, the subject of three Lumiere Press titles.

June 2006
Yale University Press' The Art of Frederick Sommer continues to garner acclaim. Recipient of the Maine Photographic Workshops “Golden Light Award” as “Book of the Year”, it has now been honoured by the Art Libraries Society of North America with a George Wittenborn Memorial Book Award. Michael Torosian's contribution, derived from our Lumiere Press book The Constellations That Surround Us was recognized with the above citation.

February 2006
David Evans reviews Dave Heath: Korea for Parenthesis: The Journal of the Fine Press Book Association. In an expansive essay, Evans thoughfully appraises the book and empathetically charts the journey of the artist. His summation - "The images are simple and unpretentious, but their impact is unforgettable. The book is light and modest in its scope and physical dimensions but vast in its human implications because it carries the weight of personal history." read review

November 2005
Lumiere Press is showcased in Richard Pitnick's Black & White Magazine feature article on book collecting. In addition to assessing the press' place in the publishing firmament, a generous pictorial spread chronicles the making of books at the press and presents highlights from our title list.

October 2005
Dave Heath: Korea travels to Germany for two exhibitions: Book Art International at the Frankfurt Book Fair and Best Book Design From All Over the World, at the Leipzig Book Fair. Upon completion of the exhibitions, Korea will enter the collection of the German Book and Type Museum, German National Library, Leipzig.

June 25, 2005
The Barry Singer Gallery, in verdant Petaluma, California, hosted a launch and exhibition for Dave Heath: Korea. Michael Torosian travelled out to the famed Sonoma County wine region for a gallery talk.

June 2005
The career of legendary art dealer Av Isaacs was celebrated in four simultaneous exhibitions spread out across Toronto. Lumiere Press' 1989 book Toronto Suite, a history of The Isaacs Gallery, was displayed in the exhibition at University of Toronto's Justina M. Barnicke Gallery along with portraits of the artists by Michael Torosian. The entire text of Toronto Suite has been republished in the new book Isaacs Seen. A companion show of photographs by Michael Torosian was also installed at the Stephen Bulger Gallery. (Pictured above: Michael Snow, 1988)

April 9, 2005
The world of Lumiere Press was evocatively captured for a segment of Arts & Minds, the weekly arts magazine show on Bravo! The full episode can be viewed by clicking on the following link, Arts & Minds.

April 2005
For the second year in a row, Lumiere Press has been awarded First Prize for limited-edition book design by the Alcuin Society for our book Korea. The jury's assessment - "Korea combines both old and new technologies to great effect. This production pays close attention to every detail, from the typesetting and the photographic reproduction to page proportions and binding."

April 2005
To mark the centennial of the birth of Frederick Sommer, the Sommer Foundation and Yale University Press have published The Art of Frederick Sommer: Photography, Drawing, Collage. Michael Torosian's Lumiere Press interview with Sommer from our 1992 book The Constellations That Surround Us, is reprinted in its entirety as one of the principal contributions of this ambitious survey of a master's work.

March 2, 2005
The international Chinese television program, Timeline Magazine, broadcast across Canada and in Hong Kong, featured a segment on Lumiere Press. (Pictured above: a still from the program showing Michael Torosian whose philosophizing is translated into Cantonese. To view a short excerpt click on the following link, Timeline Magazine.)

February 18, 2005
Vince Aletti reviews Korea for the Village Voice. In article entitled Soulful Photographs from the Front Lines, appraises Korea as "an exceptionally handsome limited-edition book."

February 12, 2005
The Howard Greenberg Gallery, New York, launches Korea accompanied by a selection of images from the book.

January 26, 2005
Peter Goddard profiles Lumiere Press for the Toronto Star in You Can Judge a Book By Its Typeface. (Above: David Cooper's portrait of the Laird of Lumiere Press surrounded by the exotic tools of the trade.)

July15, 2004
Korea is launched at the Bulger Gallery in Toronto.

May 2004
Lumiere Press is honoured with First Prize for limited-edition book design from the Alcuin Society. The jurors evaluation, "...elegant case binding, beautifully toned paper, flawless letterpress."

January 2003
Residual Landscapes, our book on the photography of Edward Burtynsky, is now out-of-print. However, the editorial heart of the book lives on in Manufactured Landscapes, the new National Gallery of Canada catalogue co-published with Yale University Press. Michael Torosian's Lumiere Press interview has been republished and expanded for this edition.

May 2002
The riveting saga of the acquisition and rehabilitation of the Lumiere Press Vandercook Universal III was chronicled in an article in the letterpress journal, The Printer. To read this heart-felt composition, click on the following link, A Printer's Tale.

April 2002
Lumiere Press is the recipient of an Alcuin Society Citation for excellence in limited edition book design for Residual Landscapes. The judges' evaluations read, in part, "The paper, boards and linen cover were very effectively presented and matched the contents perfectly. The letterpressed type was handled with special care. A beautiful presentation."

January 25, 2002
Edward Burtynsky 's new representation by the Charles Cowles Gallery was inaugurated with a commanding one-man exhibition drawn from a broad range of Ed's work. The occasion was also the New York debut of Residual Landscapes. Charles Cowles hosted a splendid evening and the celebration was marked by the issuing of a special variant edition of Residual Landscapes exclusively for the Cowles Gallery. (Above: Ed and Charlie at the apres opening party at Bottino's in New York.)

April 2001
A Dialogue With Solitude was reviewed in Black & White Magazine by Leland Rice. The article pays tribute to Heath as photographer and printmaker, and succinctly characterizes the signficance of the book - "A Dialogue With Solitude became a landmark publication in the sixties, a revelation as a total book concept. Now, after being long out of print, this new Lumiere Press edition represents the rebirth of a classic."

April 21, 2001
Residual Landscapes was launched at the Mira Godard Gallery in Toronto accompanying the opening of Edward Burtynsky's newest exhibition Shipbreaking. Ed's presence in the world of art was further enhanced by simultaneous shows in London and San Francisco, as well as a profile published May 19th, 2001 in Saturday Night Magazine, entitled Residual Landscapes.

February 1, 2001
A Dialogue With Solitude had its New York launch at the Howard Greenberg Gallery on February 1st, 2001 accompanied by an exhibition of Dave Heath's photography running from January 26th to March 3rd, 2001. The gallery was packed with collectors and well-wishers. (Above: Dave Heath signs book while Howard Greenberg looks on.)

December 7, 2000
A Dialogue With Solitude was launched at the Stephen Bulger Gallery in Toronto on the evening of December 7th, 2000. The launch was preceded by an exhibition entitled "Dave Heath: 1940s to 1960s" which was shown from February 26 to March 25, 2000.