Lumiere Press and Saul Leiter

"My friend Soames was a talented artist. She and I shared our lives together in ups and downs and ins and outs.
She was beautiful. She believed in my work. She was something."

So begins, with Saul Leiter's paean to his muse, an intimate reverie on family, relationships, philosophy
and the wonder of an artistic life.

Lumiere Press celebrates thirty-one years of fine press publishing with the release of
The Ballad of Soames Bantry.

Over the years it has been our mission and pleasure to present original interviews, primary source
documentation, thoughtful essays and astutely selected images, with elegance and craftsmanship,
as our contribution to the dialogue on the art of photography and the art of the book.

With The Ballad of Soames Bantry, we offer our most ambitious title to date
and a genre of bookmaking all its own.

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